Is your domain a good name? Lets find out.


F scored better than 41.45% of 40,000,000+ domain names in the Domomark database.

Domain Length is a 8 character word. It can be bad or good length by depending on what kind of domain name for targeting audience.

Top Level Domain is still good but not best as same as .com. This is designed to target a specific country or audience. Remember that you can lose some web traffic to .com version of the domain because people tend to type .com more than any TLD.

Dictionary Words

888by888 is neither a dictionary word, nor does it contain any dictionary word. People tend to remember dictionary words faster than not dictionary words. However, dictionary words are not required.


Distinctivity is the most important factor of all. The domain name has a poor distinctivity factor. makes a poor domain name. Majority of users will not be able to come back to your website because they cannot rememeber the domain name or have problem typing

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